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1999 Volkswagen Golf 2.3 V5

Just 51,000 Miles - 1 Owner - FSH (23 Stamps) - Beautiful Condition

Stunning Colour Combo of Cayenne Red with Heated Mushroom Leather Interior

High Specification - Very Rare Model - Impressive V5 Engine

Major Service and Suspension & Brake Overhaul Just Carried Out

The Only V5 Engine to Make it into a Production Car

Vehicle Sale Price:TBA

Vehicle Information

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Extensive Underside Refurbishment

I decided as this is such an exceptional and rare car, that it should be as good as it should possibly can be, so have embarked on a full underside refurbishment, which if I'm honest has turned into a bigger job as I thought. However I believe in doing things right so just about every component underneath as been replaced. The few that havent have been removed, cleaned and painted.

I will add to this section as the work progresses, but I aim to make this car the best Golf V5 on the market.

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