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Nineteen years in, and having met and dealt with some fantastic people, quite a few of them now on a repeat basis, I now have many new friends and contacts the length and width of the UK, as well as in Ireland, Continental Europe and as far afield as the USA and Brazil. I like to think that I've now built and earned a good reputation. Below are a few extracts from what customers have said about me. Now, obviously you're going to have to trust me that I've not just made all these up to make me look better. However, I can absolutely assure you these are the actual words written by real customers who have bought cars from me....

"Mark Taylor knows Mercedes Benz, and supplies cars of quality that I can say are the best available today in the U.K. I purchased a r170 SLK 320 that I bought after viewing on his superb website, the car is a dream and I could not have been happier with the transaction."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say a sincere thanks for your hard work in solving my car’s heating problems. Buying a 24 year old car is bound to throw up an issue or two, although I know you really do work hard to prep what you sell, cosmetically and mechanically, to an excellent standard. The way you tackled my car’s faults really was exemplary. Thank you."

"Just to say that (after three months of ownership) we are extremely pleased with the W124 E200 estate which continues to behave and perform as you suggested .
viz. an E200 with at least the power of an E220 - amazing performance. We must have a unique car! Thanks for all your  pre sale attention to detail and we hope we can do business again."

" the whole experience of buying from you was refreshing in an age like this where most people are just 'on the take'. To feel certain that what you said was the truth was as good as the trust in the level of engineering these cars have, if you know what I mean"  

"It was a pleasure to meet you too! I really appreciate the way you do business, it is very refreshing.........Once again it was really nice to meet you and I will promote your business whenever the opportunity presents itself."

"Thanks again for your help and patience, it was a pleasure doing business with you"

"The car is behaving beautifully, coping well in London traffic and making me and my two boys smile like loons"

"Just an update on my ownership of the 230E! Basically I can't smile wide enough!! what a lovely vehicle I am really chuffed with it ,and as you might expect it is attracting many admiring glances"

"keep doing what you're doing Mark - you deserve every success, and 90% of the dealer networks of most premium franchises could only dream of the standards of care, flexibility and attention you showed us. It was a real pleasure."

"Great to meet you and your family to-day albeit all to briefly The merc behaved itself as you would expect. I cannot believe how tight and smooth a driver it is as you said i started off gently, however on the M6 i was pushing it a wee bit"

"Mark - you are a rare breed - and i like to think of myself in that category - we are both in business and i like your approach and work ethic - it only stands to make us better at what we do."

"once again thank you for your professional manner in dealing with this, it is much appreciated, and i would only be too happy to put something in writing if it was to be of use to you, for other customers."

"I am happy to recommend you to anyone who wants a good Mercedes. You have an eye for a good one, and your preparation and website layout are first rate. You never know, if you get anything better than my W124, I might be back to you for a trade in!!"

Just to say it was worth the trip, she handles like a dream and is certainly everything that your advertisment said she was. The hardtop is now off and all I have to do is learn to drive without the silly grin I seem to have developed when the roof is down.

"Coming from a new £45k Audi to a 1991 Mercedes 190 as a second car I am speechless how good the old Benz actually is. When it comes to sourcing a last properly built Mercedes you are the man to deal with. Professional, honest, and helpful. I made the absolute right decision waiting for you to source me a car than buy elsewhere....." ......I don't often give feedback but delighted to do so in your case. Did about 300 miles in it this week and running better the more its used........I cant stop preaching to people - become a bore on the subject - but discount motoring is very agreeable after many years of been pillaged by the local audi dealer !!!"

“I have been extremely impressed with your professional, friendly and courteous service. Finding MTSV and buying a car from you has been a pleasure. I did not at any stage feel  pressured and you answered my numerous queries promptly and expertly. Your enthusiasm and love of these cars is infectious and your preparation of mine was absolutely flawless . After just 300 miles in my beautiful 190 I am already a convert, it is an amazing car and a joy to drive......My days of driving a characterless, modern ‘eurobox’ are over! Thanks again.”

"I guess I just wanted to say yet another big thank you for supplying such a beautiful car and one that turns out to be exactly what it said on the tin."

"Car dealers have a poor image with the public, no better than that enjoyed by us journalists. I believe this to be a mistake: my experience is that most are honest sorts who just want to earn a crust and get home to their families when the day's done. You, I believe, typify the breed. Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure buying from you. I've covered over 200 miles in the car and it's going nicely - much admired by all. Even my wife approves of it and she doesn't like cars! If you ever need a name to give to a customer for reference, do feel able to use mine along with my phone no".

"Thanks for making buying a car such a pleasant experience. If I start lusting after another classic Mercedes, I know where to come!"

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mark, from start to finish, although I think finish is probably the wrong word. Your experience and knowledge of W201s is impressive, as is my car. I'll be back, whether for advice and tips, or for an upgrade in years to come. Keep up the good work!"

"It was a pleasure meeting and dealing with you.   Great car, drives like a dream as you said and really does not show its age, exactly as described and 100% worth the trip to you.   I would certainly buy from you again in the future."

"Thanks for making the purchase possible by doing what you do and thanks for making it a pleasure by doing it the way that you do. If anybody deserves to be a success in the "old car game" then it's you, I wasn't spending a fortune in terms of today's money, but the approach that you took was worth a million Dollars.  Hopefully you will still be in business the next time I want an older, we'll sorted, interesting "jam jar" ..... good luck in your endeavours, I just don't know where you find the time to do it all. You are in a class of your own" 

"I had been searching for a Mercedes 190 for some time without success. I stumbled across Mark's website and was impressed with the selection on offer. After speaking to Mark, it was obvious that he was extremely knowledgable and gave me great advice. After being told of a car he had in stock, I travelled to Marks premises and the car was exactly as Mark had described it. The customer service I received from  Mark was second to none and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I would not hesitate to recommend MTSV to anyone."

“I discovered MTSV cars only by chance searching for classic Mercedes. Mark provides a brilliant, comprehensive, professional service, right from the first email enquiry to the signing of the car.
I bought a 300CE from Mark and I was really pleased with it. The extensive knowledge he provides and honest experience ensures you are confident in buying from a guy who sources the car, fixes outstanding issues, valets it and finally sells it. Where else can you find someone who is not simply a car salesman, but instead knows the car intimately…Furthermore, I returned only 2 months later and bought a 318i BMW Convertible from him.I am extremely pleased with both cars and would never consider buying from anyone else. I’m based near Liverpool and the round trip to Yorkshire is worth it”

"It’s rare enough to find a Dealer that is both completely knowledgeable about the cars he is involved with but is passionate about them as well. Mark Taylor of MTSV has these qualities in spades plus he has two equally important qualities. Total commitment to service plus  integrity. Again rare enough.  Long may he prosper."

"I've never said this to anyone I bought a car from in the past - thanks very much for getting us into the E320!"

"Hi Mark, Thought I would give you an update on the 300TD, it is brilliant, I am absolutely over the moon with it. I think it is the most satisfying car to own and drive that I have had. In the first 3 weeks due to going on holiday (and me wanting to take my new toy) we covered 1000miles, it ran perfectly and returned 40mpg. Thank you again for your care and preparation, I am sure your attention and preparation, and mercedes quality are both responsable for my satisfaction. Good look in the future, (I still check your website almost every day, who knows what might come next). Look after yourself and I am sure I will see you again before to long."

What Customers Have Said About Me.....
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