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Is a Classic right for you, or are you right for a Classic?.

Owning a Classic car can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience, however get it wrong and that dream can soon turn into an expensive nightmare. I try my utmost to find the best vehicles from careful owners, but you must understand that any old car however good, is going to have at least some niggles, which we in the classic car world tend to call characteristics. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that old cars break down regularly, quite the opposite actually, I've been driving older cars for many years now, and found them all to be extremely reliable and when they do go wrong are much simpler to repair than today's cars!

Some people have rather romantic, somewhat blinkered ideas about owning a classic car, especially if they've become used to the clinical, sanitised and boring nature of today's somewhat faceless modern cars. In reality owning a classic can sometimes initially prove to be somewhat of a disappointment for them, especially if their ears are tuned to listen for every squeak and rattle, but with most given time and a more relaxed attitude to niggles, many accept that these are simply characteristics, which further adhere you to the vehicle.
For a light heated, albeit togue in cheek questionaire which does have a loose element of truth,  Click Here  to ascertain if you're really suited to owning a classic car.

I point out to all my customers, especially those embarking on their first classic purchase that you've got to understand this, and once you accept these "characteristics" you'll never want to drive or own a modern car again, especially when you discover that instead of depreciation, your classic vehicle can actually appreciate!

As such, I specialise in classic Mercedes-Benz from the 70's, 80's & early 90's, and am also very familiar with other German & Swedish cars from the same era, due to the unimpeachable build quality of these marques at that point in time. Cars from this period (more especially Mercedes) were grossly over engineered, and as a result, even today prove ultra reliable and can be used every day. Having said that, I'm also personally very fond of the beauty and character of Italian Cars, especially Alfa-Romeos......when a car looks as good as an Alfa Spider, you can forgive the odd niggle! I'm also a fan of British Sports cars. We Brits invented the two seater roadster, now very well copied by the Japanese, but when it comes to a proper blokes' "oil and spanners" car, you can't beat the likes of an old Lotus, MG, Triumph or TVR!

So in summary, all I'm saying is before you part with your hard earned cash, are you sure you understand what owning a Classic car entails? I'm certainly not here to deceive anybody, and at the end of the day, I really like to know my customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase!.
Is a Classic Right For You?
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